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WebAdvantage uses the latest in secure web based communications to allow Cascade to monitor your facilities water treatment 24/7/365. Cascade can remotely connect to and control your facilities water treatment using practically any public internet, including dial-up lines, wireless, DSL, cable modem and more–all without incurring long-distance bills. The WebAdvantage uses web based remote communications with the newest and most reliable Linux Server technology secured by 128 bit encryption.
WebAdvantage provides both graphical and textual history of your system´s functions and an exclusive "summary" view that combines important information from all of your connected equipment in a single view. Email alerts from the server ensure that users are notified of any and all problems, including alarm conditions, loss of communications connection or loss of power.
WebAdvantage also supports a built–in "local" web server for adjusting set points and viewing real–time data. A password–protected web server is built right into WebAdvantage and can be accessed through FTP to download historical data.
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  Key Features:
  • 128 Bit Encryption Security Provided by Verisign.

  • Change Settings Remotely.

  • No Software to Load.

  • Server Stored History.

  • One Page Summary Showing Multiple Units.

  • Email Alarm Notification.

  • Constant Connection.

  • Back–Up Server Assurance.

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