Going Green?
CASCADE WATER SERVICES, Inc., is proud to introduce Cascade Effect, our completely green line of products and services.

The Cascade Effect will:

  • Provide a totally "green" operation
  • Give you a "hands–off" operation
  • Minimize/eliminate environmental impact
  • Optimize energy usage
  • Provide economic efficiency
  • Offer full–service applications
  • Minimize/eliminate chemical usage
  • Provide years of trouble free operation
The program involves a 2–pronged strategy: green chemicals and consulting services.
3–Pronged Strategy
Green Chemicals       Consulting Services
CASCADE has developed a line of over 40 different products that are environmentally safe and friendly. Applications for these products include heat transfer systems, boilers, cooling towers, industrial cleaning of surfaces and systems, wastewater treatment, and others.

Green Chemicals

Using these products will reduce or eliminate concerns regarding discharge and waste streams.
      Environmental management is only one area where System Managers face daily challenges, and this is where we can help.

         Consulting Services

CWS Consulting, the consulting arm of CASCADE, is available to provide customers with money-saving and reliable solutions to daily operating problems including environmental management. CWS can tell you which products are best for whatever application you have and CWS can provide a broad selection of answers to whatever operational problems you are struggling with.

         Consulting Services

Cascade´s National Call Center – 1 (800) 247–3973
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